Beauty Body Scrub Exfoliating Gel Dead Skin Remover Whitening Moist Deep Cleansing Skin Care Body Exfoliator Scrub

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About the product
5 Fragrances: Pearl & Milk & Rose & Alga & Blueberry
Features: Gentle Exfoliating gel, Moist and Nourish Skin
Exfoliate away dead skin cells
Quick and Easy to use, to have bright and healthy skin in 30-60 seconds
Gently Buff off aged skin without damaging your skin surface
Enhances the natural metabolic cycle of skin renewal
Improves rough surface and prevents pore clogging

Product description

ROLANJONA Exfoliating Gel gently removes dead skin layers to reveal smooth, radiant skin.

When excessive aged and dead skin cells deposit on top of your skin, they can prevent healthy skin from breathing. They clog and enlarge the pores, causing blackheads and acne. Exfoliating Gel regularly helps wipe away the dead skins and reveals the smooth, radiant, newly formed skins.

Exfoliating Gel to make your skin new, bright and healthy . This clear, light, refreshing gel buffs off your aged skin cells and dirt. It enhances the natural metabolic cycle of skin renewal. Unlike the conventional rough, grain-based scrub, this peeling gel can gently remove dead skin layers from the top skin layers. It improves rough surface and prevents pore clogging, restoring a soft and refined texture.

Apply Appropirate Amount to Dry skin. Massage circularly for 30 to 60 seconds. Rinse with tepid water. 1 or 2 times a week.
Efficacy: Seaweed extract, deep clean pores and gently removes excess skin and dead skin and replenish moisture, improve skin texture, accelerated aging of cell metabolism and stimulate new living cells regeneration, leaving skin smooth and delicate, new look. Ingredients: Contains seaweed extract, yeast composite mineral activity factor, vitamin E and other ingredients


can rapidly penetrate the pores soften the skin, the dermis completely clear dirt and excess oil, balance oil, repair the skin elastic fibers, activate skin collagen tissue regeneration, while providing the desired skin nutrition, skin milky white, smooth, crystal clear carved. Ingredients: milk extract, kojic acid soluble fat, collagen and other active factors. Eeffect: Especially with pearl extract, and effectively exfoliates dead skin, more sustained release of whitening ingredients, helps improve complexion, five shiny skin, plus promote skin metabolism, activate cells, leave the skin delicate, white. Ingredients: natural pearl essence, collagen, amino acids and a variety of skin composite prime ingredients. Tips; 1; discomfort or skin wounds, eczema and other abnormal Please do not use, 2; when an exception occurs, please stop using, 3; this product is only suitable for external use, if not, please rinse with water can, 4; skin care products before use to do the next allergy testing, Any product allergy probability (the probability is very small, but do not underestimate) ';

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